405labs™ MACIE™ analytics discover the use of stolen credentials and insider threat by searching for changes in the behavior of users and key business systems, protecting the most sensitive part of your organization from cyber attacks, your people. 

A different approach

In the ever-evolving world of cyber security the current industry best practices are insufficient in the face of the advanced threats posed by malicious actors. Even today’s state of the art cyber security systems lack context about what it is they are protecting and often lack visibility into a network’s internal communications.

405Labs™ seeks to improve upon fundamental capability gaps in modern security deployments.

  • By working directly with organizations to customize our analytics, we both offer more robust protection and deeper contextual understanding of attacks, prioritizing attacks that pose the biggest threat to a business
  • Rather than searching for signatures of exploits and malware, MACIE analytics search for patterns of behavior across user activity, key business applications and security systems that indicate an attack, drawing conclusions using input from many different systems.
  • Organizations can deploy 405Labs’s™ threat intelligence technology within their private cloud or to a cloud service, enabling benefits of the cloud with maximum control over sensitive data
  • MACIE™ integrates directly into top organization's security operations work flows, not providing just anomalies or indicators of compromise, but a complete story around an attack that helps your security team focus on the attacks that pose the biggest risk to your organization