At our analytics replicate the processes of top security researchers: searching for changes in behavior of users, key business systems and applications caused by targeted cyber attacks. has successfully applied AI-based algorithms to learn the business value of critical documents across an organization, with an industry-first ability to detect and stop data breaches from targeted attacks and insider threat before data is stolen.



Move DLP beyond compliance. Use our analytics to discover and stop targeted attacks before data can be stolen. Our next generation Data Loss Prevention (DLP) analytics classify documents and can identify true IP matches to protect the most sensitive documents that exist for an organization, whether it be technology designs, brand marketing campaigns or the latest pharmaceutical drug.



AI-Based Analytics

Our AI-based analytics learn to identify intellectual property, whether it be documents, videos, source code or databases across an organization, constantly asking the question of whether it makes sense how data is being accessed. Knowledge of the business importance of data and an understanding how it is accessed gives our analytics a unique ability to stop targeted attacks.



User AND ENTITY Behavior Analytics

Our ability to observe changes in user behavior across multiple systems including Google for Work, Office 365, Dropbox, Box, Windows Event data, crash reports and security logs shines a spotlight on possible breaches in a network and provides the strongest indicator of a network that is under attack.



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